About Us

We are what all destination wedding planners have been dreaming and pining-for, for years.

Founder Artika Sulaiman has more than 15 years experience designing world-class unforgettable weddings and events throughout Asia and the US for the likes of The U.N, APEC, and bands such as Fat Boy Slim in addition to countless brides and grooms.


Over the last ten years, Artika as a specialised destination wedding planner has done countless hotel buyouts and blocks at some of the most luxurious and high-end wedding venues around the world. Through her experience and conversations with her peers, Artika has pinpointed the universal pain points in the global event planning business.


The Perfect Plan is the manifestable of her vision to unite global wedding industry professionals so that they can more effectively and efficiently support each other, all the while breaking down technical and physical geographical barriers.

A Letter From Our Commander-in-Chief

Dear Friends,

Just a small note from me to let you know that what you do is important.  It is impactful.  You may not be solving world hunger, nor world peace, but you play a small part in it.  You make a difference because you chose to work in an industry of LOVE.


When people ask me what I do for a living, I’m often shy to let them know that I am a wedding planner. It can feel pretty small. Insignificant. Even frivolous. I mean I did just make a call to Spain at 3am in the morning gently (read: rather forcefully) reminding them for the 5th time, that magenta is NOT LILAC.


I’m not a doctor, or a lawyer, or a politician. I’m fretting over whether the angle of the arch will capture the sunset. But what I want to remind you is that those lawyers and politicians are handling serious problems and catastrophes because, almost certainly, somewhere along the line, Mankind weighed up his options and chose money, greed or power over, well, LOVE.


Enter you, you silly person who worries over 350gsm cards instead of 150.  You who perfectly times each course to match each speech. You may not be stitching up wounded refugees or feeding the homeless, but you know what you are doing? You are restoring faith, for everyone who attends that wedding. Even if just for a moment. You have created a day of Love, that wasn’t there before you came along.


When someone witnesses the act of love, the vulnerability of two people who, knowing that nothing in life is certain, but who choose love anyway…..that is powerful. It will be felt by the congregation, whether they are teachers or salesmen or doctors or lawyers. It is the purest source of positive energy; the highest form of vibration. You have fed them with hope.


So the next time someone asks you what it is you do…. say it with gusto… and say, I AM A LOVE WARRIOR.  I’m totally kidding.  Don’t say that, they’ll think you are from an ashram.  Just say… I am working towards WORLD PEACE.  Ok fine, let’s not get too carried away. I guess the next time someone asks me what it is that I do, I will stand proud and say, I help people restore their faith in love. What’s your answer? I’d like to know…comment below and share with your other love warriors (LOL)


Artika Sulaiman
Founder & CEO
The Perfect Plan Pte Ltd