9 Most Memorable Wedding Entrances

9 Most Memorable Wedding Entrances

1. The Chris Brown Forever Dance

This video is about ten years old now, but it was arguably the first to be widely shared on social media, and is responsible for every ‘funny music bridal walk in’ we see today.

2. Chippendales

This is the same ‘Forever’ intro music but with added Chippendales. The bride apparently is their manager and the lofted air spin she gets from one of her jacked up strippers is borderline suicide.

3. Wedding Dress Odyssey

One of those long produced videos where the couple go through mad cap adventures before finally arriving into the ballroom. She punches an incompetent photographer, she gets mauled by dogs at one point, he appears in his SuperMan boxer shorts. Mad cap, I tell you.

4. Insane 3D Graphics Show

This couple must be frickin loaded because they seem to have spent a third of the GDP of Lebanon on floor to ceiling visual arts projectors for a stunning entrance.

5. Bride Flies In

She literally floats in under a hundred helium balloons. Like the sweet couple from UP if they had been billionaires.

6. Flying Veils!

China has given us gunpowder, paper and noodles and now they’re leading the trend of bewitched veils that fly through the air and spookily land on the bride. What sorcery is this?

7. Country Bride Sings Herself Down the Aisle

If you don’t have enough to stress about on the day ladies, why not perform a pitch perfect ballad while gliding down the aisle?

8. Wife Signs to Deaf Husband

*Cues the tears*

A very touching entrance as the bride does sign language for her walk in song so he knows what the lyrics are saying.

9. Wedding Fails

Please also learn from the numerous wedding fail moments out there. Some of my favourite include when her Dress falls down and her kinky knickers and butt are there for all to see, and the poor waitress who catastrophically drops the flaming wedding cake!

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