9 Best Wedding Recessional Songs

9 Best Wedding Recessional Songs

Sweeping, dramatic music can be easily added to a post-produced video to make your wedding feel like Steven Spielberg directed it. But what about on the day itself, right there, in the moment? If skillfully chosen and expertly played, a certain “big kiss song” can really elevate the moment when you lock lips at the altar, and turn to your adoring crowd, while walking gleefully down through confetti and a shower of rose petals. Here are 9 recommendations for Best Wedding Recessional Song.

1. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

Ellie has several wedding appropriate songs and this one has the romantic sentiment paired with strong, surging beats. It should fit well for a passionate kiss with the wind in your hair in an outdoor setting, or even better, at night time with fairy lights all around.

2. Colbie Caillat – Fallin' For You

A perfectly pleasant, lovely, not-too-in-your-face love song to accompany your beaming smile as you skip down the aisle after saying I DO.

3. Michael Bublé – Everything

The most charming man in music delivers a wholesome, optimistic track for your special moment. For extra Wedding Synergy, sync it up to soundtrack the remainder of the wedding video!

4. Smash Mouth – I’m a Believer

This song was originally from the 60s but I would recommend using the more modern version for a fuller sound. A great, happy-go-lucky number for the walk-out moment, although be aware that for some people, this tune will instantly make them associate your wedding with that of Shrek and Fiona!

5. Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

Older songs can still be a perfect choice for a modern wedding walk-out and this one brings all the good vibes to the congregation. It is impossible to not feel joy when it plays.

6. Beach Boys – God Only Knows

It’s always been a classic song but admittedly these days a lot of its power comes from the fact that it was used in the closing scenes of ‘Love, Actually’. So if you are happy to ride on the delightful fantasy of Hugh Grant being the British Prime Minister, arriving at Heathrow Airport to the love of his life, please, be my guest.

7. Oh Honey – I Love You Will Still Sound The Same

If you want to be a cool hipster and have people ask you “what was that song you played?” and reply with “oh it’s just this New York band, you wouldn’t have heard of them” then this can be your selection. It’s obviously a sweet love song but has one of those perfect ohhh-aaahh-ohhh type choruses to fit the swell of emotion as you kiss for the first time as husband and wife.

8. Arcade Fire – Wake Up

If you are dead set on fully committing to that aforementioned ohhh-aaahh-ohhh type chorus then you need look no further than this one from Arcade Fire. It is an epic cascade of human voices that will make your landscape kiss feel like the cinema curtains have just pulled back to Widescreen Version. You may need to edit the audio if you want the vocal chorus to keep repeating.

9. Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

Bands like U2 and Coldplay have specialised in the big anthem choruses for decades. Coldplay have several which are popular at weddings but I would actually recommend this one. You should edit the track so the ceremony climax arrives alongside the big audio peak at approximately 3min45sec.

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