Your 2020 Career Foretold By Your Chinese Zodiac

Your 2020 Career Foretold By Your Chinese Zodiac

Hold on a second – if your eyebrows are furrowed and you’re wondering “what in the world is a Chinese Zodiac?” It’s basically a 12-year cycle where each year is represented by a zodiac animal. The long origin story is the Jade Emperor (Basically Zeus in Chinese Mythology) hosted The Great Race to select 12 animals for the calendar. 

The zodiac signs are the animals in order of who came in first – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 

In short, the Chinese Zodiacs are similar to the Western Zodiac Signs – but, instead of being classified by your birth month, the Chinese Zodiac follows your birth year like so:

As it follows the Chinese Lunar Calendar, January and February babies might be the previous year’s Zodiac. In 2020, we’re restarting the Zodiac cycle so it’s believed that it will be a year of beginnings and renewals (not just for your career!) … or is it? Check out the horoscope for your Zodiac sign below!


1. The Rat

Congratulations! It’s YOUR year so own it like a queen. It will be a good year for career progression as there will be loads of opportunities. However, it will only come if you work hard AND perform well. Quality work is always appreciated so when it comes to wedding planning, make sure to go ALL OUT with details!

There might also be a chance that you will deal with a lot of bridezillas. (With a hint of mumzillas too.) You NEED to give them a second chance or a soiled relationship might come to bite you in the a*s. To make your lives easier, in this article, we have compiled seven types of bridezillas and methods to handle each of them. (You’re welcome!) 

If you happen to be the boss or supervisor of your company, you need to do the same to your employees who make (repeated) mistakes too. Though, if they make more mistakes than the fingers on your hand … you know what to do.  

Chances are you might get unnecessary stress from clients and employees like these, so outside of office hours, we recommend you go PARTY to blow off some steam. Be careful not to overindulge too much though!

Pssst… if you’ve ever sent a message to the wrong chat group, or sent a typo ridden email, it’s time to start using your eyes and brain more. Triple-check your work – especially when it comes to finances. Make it as clear as day!

2. The Ox

For all you liars, liars, pants on fire, it’s time to be honest and upfront this year to tap on your luck for this year. So if your bride’s the type to pick the worst colour palette for her wedding, tell her:

When it comes to the workspace, you really need to find better partners or an advisor to keep up with the latest tea and trends. (Or, you could simply follow bookmark our blog, join our platform, follow our Instagram, etc – you get the point.) If any opportunities for events crop up, take it and NETWORK! It’s where you might find THE Dr Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. (You can then mark it mystery solved.)

Other than that, if you have any bad blood between your colleagues (especially after planning a particularly difficult wedding), go do some team bonding! There are tons of fun ideas on the net. Better yet, find an activity that addresses any bad blood or promotes honesty … like Burning Bridges! (In hindsight, it might not be the best idea.)

3. The Tiger

Is your new year’s resolution to be more healthy? Or maybe to lose weight? Well, it’s time to stick to those goals. For more luck, you need to be more active – and no, walking to the fridge to grab snacks does not count as exercise. Join a gym, take up Zumba or find a workout buddy outside office hours! 

During work, you can offer to buy lunch/dinner for your colleagues instead of ordering in. (Hey, you’ll also be able to get some fresh air while walking. Who knows? You might just return to the office with better ideas for your next wedding.) For more luck, it’s also recommended for you to discuss your finances over food and drinks. Eat out with your colleagues more – you get to kill two birds with one stone! (Do the same when meeting with clients too.)

With luck, you’ll get more clients this year, which equates to more weddings! We all know the leg work involved in running a wedding. (Especially when you have a bridezilla on your hands … but be patient … think of all the luck it’ll bring throughout the year! Eventually, you’ll deal with less demanding clients.) It’ll all pay off in the end because:

4. The Rabbit

Don’t be a risk-taker this year. Stick to the stuff you’re familiar with – work with vendors you can put your 110% trust in and clients that you know you will understand. Help yourself suffer less this year and pick your people carefully. Think all your decisions through and avoid being impulsive ESPECIALLY if the goal is to attain incentives. Otherwise, even a rabbit’s foot can’t save you. Be a smart rabbit. Like Bugs Bunny. (Or is he a hare? We’re not really sure.)

If you find yourself easily distracted … like when you’re searching for venues for the couple but end up planning your 2020 getaway instead … It’s time to get yourself a planner or to-do list! Write down your tasks based on how urgent each is and make sure you go through the list before jumping onto other activities. Try to reduce distractions when completing important tasks. It can as simple as putting your phone away or closing your social media tabs. Once you lose your focus, it’ll be really hard to get it back on track. It’d be like falling down the rabbit hole. (Pun is totally intended.)

5. The Dragon

To increase your luck this year, it’s time to spread your wings and fly. Just kidding, humans can’t fly – you need to get yourself some plane tickets. (We’re being legit.) Get lucky by wearing a set of unwanted clothes to your destination and dispose of them once you’ve arrived. Before your returning flight, get yourself a new set and wear them home! 

So if you plan destination weddings (out of where you’re currently residing), you have the perfect opportunity to utilise these overseas trips! If you don’t … well too bad. To maximise your luck, be more caring towards your co-workers. Take some initiative to create a harmonious working environment. (Be gone toxic work environment!) Mind your words too when sharing an opinion – it can easily be twisted and misunderstood. 

Side note: Make sure to vet through any legal documents and contracts for any hidden/additional clauses! Use your eyes and be meticulous. (Or you could hire your own Aladdin and see a whole new world.)

6. The Snake

This year, you have to beware of loopholes and show stoppers. So if it means reading the terms and conditions that are 10 pages long, READ IT (or get someone else to do it for you in-depth!) Always be on the cautionary side rather than taking things at face value.‍

You also need to be more grateful to your colleagues. Take the one you’re asking to read the 10-page terms and conditions as an example, thank them with a cup of bubble tea or a small cake! These little gifts will go a long way. If you have any feedback for them, do give it in private – especially if you have any negative comments.

Also, you have to break the habit of spending UNNECESSARILY on small items. Budget well and spend wisely … or you WILL end up overspending. Though, if it’s to give your wedding that extra edge, it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little … but not too much! Take Elijah Mikaelson’s advice:

P.S: You should spoil yourself in 2020! Take time to soak your feet with warm water before sleeping and wear socks to bed. Get more sleep too. If you’re not a fan of sleep and prefer work, please get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep every day. (You’ll lose all your luck if you don’t!) Old injuries might return this year so take care of your body religiously! Spend more money on healthcare, it will be worthwhile.

7. The Horse

In the upcoming months, if nothing joyful happens, mishaps will likely happen. You will either be insanely lucky or really not. On the off chance you get super unlucky … i.e: all your vendors being late on the wedding day or there’s a bride/groom/mum/dadzilla in about every couple you work with, do yourself a favour and be mentally prepared. It will be a long year ahead. While you’re preparing mentally, reserve a few self-care sessions when you’re at it. (Or you could stock up some booze in your office pantry. Do hide it though, as luck would have it, it probably would get stolen.) You will need these things to survive.

If you’re thinking of switching jobs this year – honey, this really isn’t the best year to do so. Do not be rash and weigh the pros and cons like it’s a life and death situation. NEVER make decisions on the spot. Same goes for managing your money. You have to be wary when making deals or investing in something. For your sakes, we wish you luck. 

8. The Goat

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities this year because this will be one of the best years for the goat. The main highlight though? Recognition from your boss or colleagues as well as your clients! You just gotta work hard and do NOT be afraid to be EXTRA AF this year. When your bride says she wants to make a grand entrance, make her fly in! When the reception dinner ends, surprise the couple with the BEST after-party in wedding history – something that would make Kylie Jenner jealous. (For more inspo, read this!)

But with all that recognition, don’t forget:

Go on and charge ahead this new year! On another note, don’t be too greedy with all the opportunities and take up more projects than you can handle. Know your limit and when to stop. 

P.S: Do also make time for your family and loved ones on top of all the career developments this year!

9. The Monkey

Don’t be a wild monkey this year. You need to keep your emotions in check so you don’t make any bad impressions. Opportunities will slip by if you don’t control yourself. Pay more attention to your relationship with others as well! For the most part, make sure you don’t publicly argue with your colleagues – it will go from 0 to 100 real quick.  

Up your EQ – empathise more, and be more positive to avoid sticky situations! You don’t have to be overly optimistic like Dory (from Finding Nemo) or Giselle (from Enchanted), just care more. We’re sure brides love working with girls (or boys, if your team has any) that they can easily call babe. As a lucky token and a (sorta) method to check your emotions, keep a small mirror on your work desk. Don’t ask why – it’ll just bring you luck.

When it comes to luck about your wealth … well, it’s all up to your effort. All you gotta remember to do this year is to learn more and do more to earn more. It will pay off if you do your job well!

10. The Rooster

If any opportunities for you to get rich quickly crop up, do NOT be tempted by them. It’ll be like clicking on those false advertisements to win a brand new iPhone – just pure disappointment. Don’t lose your hard-earned money! Take things slow and steady this year.

This translates to making sure you have enough prep time to plan a wedding. Start early and never leave things to the last minute! Shotgun weddings will be your worst enemy so stay clear of them. Even if a client offers you money worth your entire year’s pay to plan a wedding in three months … DO NOT DO IT. Keep it SLOW AND STEADY.

As long as you keep to that, your year will relatively be smooth! To improve your team’s bond, organise more social activities to get the team together. It will help them be more productive because:

11. The Dog

We’re terribly sorry if we dampen your mood … but if you’ve read the horse’s horoscope, your luck is WAYYYYY worse. Specifically, your relationships with others and health will suffer – connecting with clients will not be easy and you will fall sick easily. So harden your heart and be prepared for a mentally and physically exhausting year. Start saying yes to boundaries! If you fall into a depressive mood now (or later,) it will be extremely tough to return to a healthy state. 

However, as long as you remain diligent, you will progress through the year without any major hardships! To aid your luck, find a lucky amulet or better yet, a lucky star (a person that can help counter your bad luck.) It’s said that the Zodiac Dog is most compatible with Rabbits, so try to find someone born in that year and “borrow” their luck! With that …

Oh, and try not to work alone at night. There might be … supernatural forces with you. Instead, finish up outstanding work at home or come to work earlier!

12. The Pig

Maybe it’s time to consider a career change – those in the education sector will be particularly lucky this year. Just kidding. (No, not really, we’re serious about those in the education sector being lucky.) To stabilise your luck for this year, you have to take up any opportunities to upgrade your skills. Spend some money on workshops or talks.

The cheaper way to go? Use your connections! We’re sure others in the wedding industry are friendly enough to give you tips on how to improve your skills. If you don’t have any connections, shame on you! It’s time to put yourself (and your biz) out there. Go for more events and NETWORK! Like …

Oh and you could always stalk the internet for advice. Like our blog. And this particular article.

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