5 Tips To Tell Your Bride

5 Tips To Tell Your Bride

Insider tips by Katherine O’Hara from Doll Face Darlings!

‍As a bridal make up artist, my job is to ensure that the bride goes down the aisle looking the best she possibly can. It is easy if your bride has a face like Gal Gadot or the money for facial injections, if she doesn’t, here is some advice that could benefit her.

1) No to Hair Treatments

If your bride’s hair is akin to Anne Hathaway’s pre-makeover in Princess Diaries, remind her not to make it worse by drowning it with heavy hair conditioning treatment the day before her wedding. Treatments like such is only beneficial if one has foresight and isn’t delusional about salvation – last minute treatment only weighs the hair down, making her ostrich egg-shaped head more obvious when her hair slaps down on her skull. However, it is not an excuse to not have her hair washed. We understand that not everyone has hair like Jonathan Van Ness, however, it is common decency to have hair that does not smell like a drunken night and cigarettes. This will be greatly appreciated by all hairstylists and most importantly, the groom. Well, we do hope that all your brides meet the basic hygiene standards.

2) Stay Away from The Sun

This advice is specially for destination wedding planners whose brides are surprised that it is summer all year round in Asia. I wish I noted down the names of sun-burnt brides, sent it to Arya Stark and prayed that her list of kills expanded. The last thing ANYONE wants is a bride with skin peeling off her face. There is a limit to how much we can do as makeup artists! We would prefer not to work with skin-shedding snakes or zebra look-a-likes. Gently remind your brides that there is a time for everything and it is simply NOT the time to get bad tan-lines or be looking like a roasted chicken. Sunblock is EVERYTHING.

3) NO Invasive Facials Days Before the Wedding

Well, what can I say? Going nuts on dermabrasion and acid peels is just a disaster waiting to happen. Whatever state her skin is in, is pretty much what we have to work with. It might not be a smooth and pretty canvas, but at least it isn’t one with extra red patches. If she is really desperate, Sofia in Brawa does an amazing LED facial that helps with breakouts and is super gentle on the skin.

4) DON'T Get Wasted

She should really try not to get wasted before her wedding day and (wishfully speaking) not too wasted before she walks down the aisle too. I have once witnessed a puking bride on the aisle, who almost created a chain effect. It was quite a symphony. Oh well, sometimes it is not up to us to reduce the count of wedding horror stories.

5) Lipgloss and Facial Powder

I can’t emphasise this enough. It is essential for a bride to have her own lip gloss and facial powder, especially if she’s having a wedding in Bali. She will need a lipgloss and facial powder for her touch ups because Bali does not have the biggest selection. And no, I can’t just pop down to MAC to pick one up for her –okay fine, I will go but I am having a massive three scoop ice-cream while I am there on her.

About Katherine O’Hara

‍Working as a make up artist around the globe, Katherine has freelanced with brands such as Guerlain, Givenchy, Chanel, YSL, Dior and Nars. Her artistry has also been featured in publications such as Vogue, Vogue Novias, Vogue Ninos, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, Prestige, Huff, Mink, Girl Next Door, Dew, iMute, Yak, Flofferz and I Mag.

‍Katherine has run successful beauty events and master classes internationally in leading department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty and Harvey Nicholas. She has also demonstrated makeup techniques at the Professional beauty show, Vitality show and Olympia beauty show.

‍Commercials and print ads featuring her work include Triangl, Havaianas, Kaiami Swim, Sabo Skirt, Gnossem, Miinto, Sakuhachi, Fellaswim, Tiare Hawaii, Marie Laure Chamorel, Sir the label, The Bare Road, Incyda, and many more.

‍Originally from England, Katherine is now based in Bali and is available for international travel assignments.

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