7 Head-Turning Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings

7 Head-Turning Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings

Who doesn’t enjoy taking photos after getting dressed to the nines? Your guests will go the extra mile to slay them looks at the wedding – you should go all out with the photo booth too! These seven ideas will surely get everyone snapping away for seconds (and more) at your photo booth. 

1. 180 Degree Photo Booth
Photo Credit: 321freeze.my for Salvatore Ferragamo‍

Give the camera your best pose and freeze! Multiple cameras angled at a bend of 180 degrees will fire instantly to capture that single moment. Combining all those shots? It results in this dazzling time-stop effect. Go crazy with any pose at any angle – anyone can look badass in this booth. (Don’t skip the confetti – it makes the shots way cooler.)

Check out 321freeze.my here!

2. Vogue Photo Booth‍
Photo Credit: Lily Rose Depp for Vogue | Directed by ‍Gordon von Steiner

An annual fundraising event to kick off the Costume Institute’s newest exhibit, the Met Gala brings together the hottest names amongst celebrities, designers and costume enthusiasts. Ironically enough, they have a ‘no selfie’ policy – a real bummer for their guests. Thankfully, Vogue has set up classy photo booths like this for them to enjoy. (Bless them!) Following the 2016 theme, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, the photo booth is nothing short of futuristic. Give your clients’ wedding that extra edge with this idea.

3. Slow Motion Photo Booth‍
Photo Credit: J’adore Andy’s Slow Motion Video Booth‍

Remember those chick-flicks where the popular girls in high school walk through the hallways as if it were a runway? Or those action-packed movies where the heroes expertly dodge the bullets flying their way? These scenes would always be in slow motion. (Heck, even those fail compilations on Youtube replays clips in slow-mo, making them twice as funny.) Surely, you can’t go wrong with a booth like this!

See more of J’adore Andy’s Slow Motion Video Booth‍.

4. Animated GIF Photo Booth
Photo Credit: Prime Booth for The Zoe Report

We all know how hard it is to pick out a single shot to share when you look good in more than one of them. Set those worries aside by getting everyone looped-up on an animated gif photo booth instead. Stringing together your glorious photos to produce an animation, the loop will go on infinitely! (Disclaimer: only if you have good internet connectivity, though.)

Peek at more of Prime Booth’s works!

5. Aerial Photo Booth
Photo Credit: Primebooth for glowrecipe

A bird’s eye view is a view unattainable by humans – well unless you’re on a plane or take an image/video from a high vantage point (obviously.) Get a camera and shutter installed to take shots from a top-down angle and wham! You get a one-of-a kind shot from an aerial point of view. An added bonus? The guests have a moment to chill and lie down while taking photos.

6. Holographic Print‍
Photo Credit: Ubersnap

Secretly wishing that gifs and videos could be printed as a keepsake? This will be the answer to your wishes. (We are living in 2019, after all.) A small flick of the wrist will get the printed holographic to move just like an animation. Already have a ton of to-die-for gif(t)s for your wedding? This idea might just be the freshest you’ll bring to the table.

Take a look at Ubersnap here.

7. Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? This magic mirror wouldn’t satisfy just a queen. It’ll satisfy everyone to the T. We’ll let the mirror video speak for itself.

Check out Chevelle’s Photo Booth here!

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