THE Dream Wedding at Finca Cortesin

THE Dream Wedding at Finca Cortesin

If ever there was a wedding which checked off all these hashtags: #weddinggoals, #relationshipgoals, #lifegoals, it would be this one. If you’re up for it, grab some popcorn and make yourself comfy in bed. Here’s a snapshot of the ultimate fairytale wedding journey with the romantic groom, Matt, and the blissful bride, Kim in Malaga, Spain!

The two of them met by chance in Singapore, fell in love instantly, and everything else became history.

As Matt’s family hails from beautiful Gibraltar when the time came for the adoring couple to choose a wedding venue, it was a natural decision – the Finca Cortesin Hotel nestled in Casares, an hour’s drive from Matt’s family home. And, girl, let’s just say it was breathtaking! 

The hotel’s majestic design is inspired by traditional Andalusian architecture. It’s exclusive and luxurious, a world set apart, where the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle is seamlessly combined with the latest in contemporary living: offering superb cuisine, impeccable service and an unrivalled ambience of peace and tranquillity.

“When I first got there, it’s – I’ve been to a lot of amazing places in my life but I would say that it was the most spectacular resort I have ever been to,” recounts Artika, the couple’s wedding planner and founder of the Singapore-based Artika Events & Celebrations.

But, of course. The bride, Kim, is somewhat of an it girl – you know, that girl who’s always spotted at the newest restaurant and bar, decked in the latest Prada dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Ah, yes, she’s almost a Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf equivalent.

It, then, isn’t hard to figure out what she said to her wedding planner: “I want the most amazing wedding anyone has ever seen.”

So, they decided on a three-day wedding. Yes, three days! Luckily, being a stylish couple, it was easy to iron out the wedding’s aesthetics and mood – romantic yet elegant.

When the guests checked into the hotel a day prior to the wedding, they were all surprised with little acts of care dictated by Matt, the ever-meticulous groom. “Matt was very concerned about how everyone was treated from the minute they landed to the minute they left,” recalls Artika. So, when the wedding guests arrived at the luxurious hotel, they were all greeted by name, handed scented cold towels and the most delicious watermelon coolers as a way to take the edge off the midday Mediterranean heat.

‍That first day, they were received with lavish welcome drinks, followed by a welcome dinner in the estate’s award-winning Al Andaluz Moroccan Room – complete with flamenco dancers and a live band, all dressed in traditional Andalusian attire.

Later, when guests turned in for the night, Artika, the wedding planner and her team got down to work – constructing an entire canopy of wood, together with draped fabrics for the wedding reception, and a massive DJ jukebox edifice for the afterparty. You heard us correctly – this was all done overnight while the guests slept. If you’re thinking, pics or it didn’t happen? Just keep reading!

‍The next day kicked off with a massive pool party. There were 15 massive swan floats, a Raging Bull float (Google Inflat-A-Bull), and water balloons everywhere. As Artika, the wedding planner sums it up: “That pool party was insane!”

Then, came the time for the wedding night – speeches, blessings, drinks, and food. Like a synchronised orchestra, all 250 guests were served their courses at the same time. Yup, when they were done, all of the guests’ 250 emptied plates were cleared by waiters simultaneously.

Suddenly, at the end of dinner, the wedding team staged a power outage. A stream of sparklers then went off, one by one, leading the guests’ attention to the DJ booth. Right when the music came on, all of the lights lit up at once. “People got super excited because they knew it was on purpose,” Artika recounts. “The whole room was filled with so much energy, it was electric.

As guests got up from their dining chairs and grooved towards the massive DJ jukebox, the incredible details in party planning continued as all were offered tequila shots, dance bracelets, silk dance fans and even custom-made sandals (because everyone needs their own pair of dancing shoes!)

Having read about this once-in-a-lifetime venue, the incredible food and entertainment, and the overall attention to planning which made everyone’s time spent at this wedding truly memorable, we’re sure you’re also wishing you were there. Well, that’s easy, if you have a couple of hundred grand to spare, this incredible wedding could also be yours.

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