Old-World Sultry Boudoir Photoshoot at Balquisse Heritage Hotel

Old-World Sultry Boudoir Photoshoot at Balquisse Heritage Hotel

Be it a flirtatious gift for the groom or simply a way to boost the bride’s self-esteem before the big day, boudoir photo shoots have been increasingly popular in recent years. So, if your bride’s feeling up for a session – here’s some inspiration for her sexy boudoir session

A boudoir session is a photography session where you wear sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even go scantily clad and get your photographs taken for any number of reasons. 

Set in the Balquisse Heritage Hotel, a beautiful luxury accommodation tucked away in an old coconut plantation, the location boasts not only its splendid beauty but a rich history as well. Originally built as a private residence for Zohra Boukhari (an award-winning Moroccan designer) and her husband, the hotel has been transformed over the years by Zohra from a single bedroom home to a delightful 16-bedroom hotel. Inspired by her roots, the interior holds a mix of Javanese, Asian and Moroccan heritage.

Unique, isn’t it? Pair this splendour with Carol Kuntjoro’s profound photography style (on top of the sensual theme) and you get photos that exude a sultry, old-world elegance.

See what we mean? Talk about lighting and framing though … like damn, Carol. Fangirling aside, to complete the whole look (for you can’t spell boudoir without sexy – and you can’t get sexy without smokey eye, loose curls and lace underwear), there were excellent vendors working the model’s hair, makeup and wardrobe:

If you find the model’s face familiar, it shouldn’t come as a surprise! She doesn’t just have the looks, she has talent in singing as well! Her name is Eva Scolaro and she has made quite a mark as a singer/songwriter in Bali.

The woman behind our dear model’s arched eyebrows, smokey eyes, flawless skin and loose locks was Rena Sohani (featuring the gorgeous Lashes by Banks). Her portfolio includes names like Silento (yes, the whip and nae nae guy) and Adidas Indonesia.

Eva’s wardrobe consisted of lacy (or should we say racy?) pieces from Melbourne-based boutique, Kiss Kill Lingerie and bridal robes from Amanda Barden Couture. Add a touch of dazzling accessories from Ayyara Indonesia and Sydney-based Maison Roe and it does wonders to the whole spicy appeal. To top it off, her nails were also done – courtesy of Nailbox Bali. (So if you spotted that detail, you must be killer at ‘spot the difference’ games, aren’t you?)

Mash this killer bombshell look with the perfect venue and Carol’s artistic genius and you get a majestic boudoir album! So that’s enough talk, enjoy the rest of the beautiful photos from this shoot that ooze seduction.

Our All Start Team of Vendors

  • Collab with: The Bali Wedding Guide and Shaba Bali
  • Venue: Balquisse Heritage Hotel
  • Photographer: Carol Kunjoro
  • Model: Eva Scolaro
  • Stationery: The Bali Wedding Guide
  • Styling Accessories: Filles 
  • Hair and Makeup: Rena Rohani
  • Wardrobe: Kiss Kill Lingerie, Amanda Barden Bridal
  • Accessories: Ayyara.ID and Maison Roe
  • Beauty: Nailbox Bali
  • Others: Lashes by Banks

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